At the age of 14 years, SWAYAM starts offering a wide variety of learning options. SWAYAM will take care of all the learning needs across all streams. Learners, who are regular and learners who had discontinued their studies due to some reason. Learners can choose between regular or open secondary education streams. A learner can enroll in a regular school and get additional online mentoring through courses run on SWAYAM. Alternatively, a learner can choose open school education run by CBSE NIOS On completion of the courses, the learner can take the examinations as per schedule.

The option of On-Demand examination is provided to learners who have not succeeded in their scheduled attempt and this can be taken on a first-come-first-served basis five days a week, with practical examinations scheduled on Saturdays. In case a learner has not secured pass marks in one or more subjects in CBSE; then the option of specific subject on-demand examination is available in NIOS, wherein the remaining successful credits from CBSE can be transferred to NIOS. Successful completion earns the learner a Secondary Education certificate, which is acknowledged by all educational councils.



Courses are coming soon. Watch this space.

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