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This course entitled “Clinical Psychology” has been designed in a very systematic and logical manner for self-learning of a virtual learner. This course shall be presented through a variety of multimedia enriched e-content, activities and assessments so that you are able to understand various topics very well.

The entire course shall be delivered in 15 weeks including two weeks for Revision and Assessment. In the weeks 1-7 and 9-14, you shall be provided with self learning e-content including videos, e-text, activities and weekly quizzes. You must attempt all these quizzes.  In the 8th and 15th weeks, you are supposed to revise what you have learnt till then and you shall be given assignments and quizzes. Grades obtained in these shall be counted in the final grading.

This shall be followed by proctored examination(s) covering entire syllabus, which shall be duly notified. A team of PI/co-PI, Course Coordinator, Tutor(s)/ Teaching Assistants shall always be there with you to provide you support for any problems you face. You can post your queries in the discussion forums or through mail. At the end of the course, you must provide feedback which will help us to enhance the quality of this course further.


Objectives of the course

This course has been developed for the student seeking in-depth understanding of the concepts of clinical psychology. This course gives us an overview of models of psychotherapy. They develop understanding of various models of treatment in psychotherapy. They shall be giving us an introduction about the nature, scope and ethics of clinical psychology. They shall be discussing about the childhood development disorder, anxiety disorders, conduct disorders, eating disorders, elimination disorders, mental retardation, pervasive developmental disorders, learning disability, attention deficit /hyperactivity disorder. The course also deals with major adulthood disorder, in this we cover anxiety disorders; phobias, panic disorder, Generalized anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, psychosomatic disorders, stress disorders, mood disorders, unipolar disorder, bipolar disorders, Schizophrenia, delusional disorder, Sexual disorders, Eating disorders sleep disorders. They shall be discussing about personality disorder and substance abuse.

They will lay emphasis on psychotherapy in which we will learn about therapeutic relationship, therapeutic skills, psychoanalytical therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, humanistic therapy, existential therapy, yoga and meditation. We would study how they will impact in curing psychological disorder.

Eligibility for enrollment

For credit transfer, a learner should be enrolled in any of the following:          

-          Pursuing M.A./M.Sc. – Psychology

-          UG Pursuing students – B.A.(H) Psychology

-          As optional/elective for related or any other relevant course

For others: No eligibility


Course prerequisite, intended audience and reading materials

For pursuing this course, students are required to be familiar with the following concepts:

A historical overview of the debate between mind and brain and treatment methods followed to treat mental disorders, knowledge related to the field of abnormal psychology, ethics while conducting research and treating patients, classification of various forms of disorders and various types of treatment and therapeutic techniques used.


To access the content, please enroll in the course.


NK Chadha

Prof. N.K. Chadha


Professor at Department of Psychology,

University of Delhi and

Vice-Chairman and Member

Centre for e-Learning

SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi


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