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 You have studied Geography as one of the components of social sciences up to secondary stage. Now you will study Geography as an independent subject and learn about the physical environment of the earth, human activities and their interactive relationships. We live on the surface of the earth. Our lives are affected by our surroundings in many ways. We depend on the resources to sustain ourselves in the surrounding areas. In Geography, you learn about the diverse lands and people. You should be curious to know about all the phenomena which vary over space. You should also be interested in understanding the changes which have taken place over time. Geography equips you to appreciate diversity and investigate into the causes responsible for creating such variations over time and space. This variation provides a clue to the understanding of the relationship between the physical environment and social & cultural features. Geographers do not study only the variations in the phenomena over the earth’s surface but also study the associations with the other factors which cause these variations. A geographer explains the phenomena in a cause and effect relationship, as it does not only help in interpretation but also foresees the phenomena in future. The geographical phenomena, both the physical and human, are not static but highly dynamic. They change over time as a result of the interactive processes between ever changing earth and untiring and ever active human beings. This course on “Fundamentals of Physical Geography”, deals with the Origin and Evolution of the Earth, Landforms and their evolution, Climate, Submarine relief, Movement of ocean water, Biosphere and many more  from class XI Geography course. Dr. Archana and Dr. Aparna Pandey Associate professor department of Education in social sciences, NCERT will be interacting with you during the course. Each module of the course will have five quadrants e-Tutorial (Video/Audio), e-text, Web resources, Self Assessment questions (MCQs, right wrong, one word answers etc.) and transcription of the video. Hope you will enjoy the course, wish you all the best.

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Aparna Panday

Prof. Aprana Pandey is working as Professor in Department of Education in Social Sciences, NCERT, New Delhi. Her areas of specialiation include Geography education, urban and regional planning, environmental studies, remote sensing and Geographical Information System.



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