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Geography is as an elective subject at the higher secondary stage. It is an academic discipline and school subject with defined perspective, knowledge and skills. Geographicalknowledge is useful in daily lives because it is a valuable medium for the education of young people. Its contribution lies in the content, cognitive processes, skills and values that geography promotes and thus helps the students explore, understand and evaluate the environmental and social dimensions of the world in a better manner. Since geography explores the relationship between people and their environment, it includes studies of physical and human environments and their interactions at different scales-local, state/region, nation and the world. The fundamental principles responsible for the varieties in the distributional pattern of physical and human features and phenomena over the earth’s surface need to be understood properly.Students will be exposed to different methods used in geographical investigations.



In this Course“Fundamentals of Human Geography”,  students will able to understand about the key concepts and basic principles of human geography, analyse the inter-relationship between physical and human environments and their impactpatterns of the spatial arrangement of the natural as well as human features and phenomena on the earth’s surface, the nature and distribution of  human activities over the earth’s surface,  also analyse the uneven nature of population distributionand show concern about the large size of population,student will be able tounderstand the various occupations of people and explain various factors of population change, also comprehend about the importance of transport ,communication and trade in the ever shrinking world, students will be able to develop geographical skills, relating to collection, processing and analysis of data/ information and preparation of report including maps and graphs and use of computers whereas possible.Each module of this course will have four quadrants e-Tutorial (Video/Audio), e-text, Web resources, Self-Assessmentquestions (MCQs, right wrong, one word answers, etc.) and transcription of the video.

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Tannu Malik

Dr.Tannu Malik is working asAssociate Professor in Department of Education inSocial Sciences, NCERT, and New Delhi. Herareas of specialisationare Geography education, Environment education and Disaster Management.


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