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The objective of the course is to impart in-depth knowledge on digital libraries, their characteristics, components, standards and protocols, IPR and legal issues, digital rights and access management, planning and evaluation. The ultimate aim of the course is to instil skills in learners that would enable them to evaluate commercially available digital libraries before subscribing them for their institutions as well as to set-up their own institutional digital library with all intermediate steps involved in it from planning to offering digital library services.  

Course Coverage

The course imparts in-depth knowledge on digital libraries, their characteristics and major components. The course elaborates on technology, processes and steps involved in digitization and digital preservation. It enunciates on applications and services offered by digital library and its relationship with the semantic web. It delves into the process of planning, implementation, marketing, promotion and evaluation of digital libraries. Learners would have insights into various aspects of digital rights and access management and its applications in digital libraries.  The course also elaborates on examples of open access digital libraries and backend technologies used. It imparts knowledge on major digital library projects and initiatives taken all over the world including USA, UK, India and rest of the world.  Lastly, the course elaborates on case studies on setting-up digital library using open source institutional repository software, i.e. Eprints, DSpace and GSDL.

Target Learners  

The course is designed for the students of library and information science as well as for professionals working in library and information centres. Other learners interested in digital libraries my also take up the course.


The learner should have basic knowledge of computers, acquaintance with traditional libraries using manual processes as well as computerised library operations and services offered by both types of libraries.

Timeline- Duration

The course consists of 15 parts and is deliverable in a time span of 15 weeks as per the course layout is given below.


Course Layout


Week 1: Digital Library: Overview


·         Introduction to Digital Library

·         Digital Library: Historical Perspectives.


       Week 2: Major Components of Digital Library - 1

        Major Components of Digital Library

·         Search and Browse Interface in Digital Library


Week 3: Major Components of Digital Library – 2

 Digital Library Technical Infrastructure

·            Digital Library Architecture


 Week 4: Major Components of Digital Library – 3

 Collection Development of digital library

·            Knowledge Organization in Digital Library


Week 5: Digital Libraries: Planning, Implementation, Marketing and Promotion

 Digital Library Planning and Implementation

·            Digital Library Marketing and Promotion


Week 6: Digital Library: Standards, IPR and Legal Issues

Digital Library Standards

·          IPR in Digital Library/Legal Issues


Week 7: Major Projects in Digital Libraries

Major Project: US

·         Major Project: UK

·         Major Project: Rest of the World


Week 8: Digital Library Initiatives in India

Digital Library Initiatives in India: Part -1

·         Digital Library Initiatives in India: Part-2


Week 9: Open Access and Digital Library

Open Access and Digital Library


Week 10: Digitization

Digitization Part – 1

·          Digitization Part – 2


Week 11: Digital Library Services and Semantic Web

Digital Library and Semantic Web

·          Digital Library Applications and Services


Week 12: Digital Rights Management / Access Management

DRM/ Access Management Part – 1

·          DRM/ Access Management Part – 2


Week 13: Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation: Part – 1

·         Digital Preservation: Part - 2


Week 14: Case Studies in Digital Library

Case Studies : Dspace

·         Case Studies: GSDL

·         Case Studies: Eprints


Week 15: Evaluation of Digital Library

 Evaluation and Case Studies.

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Jagdish Arora

Dr. Jagdish Arora, is the Director of Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre from August, 2007 onwards. Prior to his present assignment, Dr. Arora has worked as the Librarian at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi from Sept. 2003 to August 2007. Dr. Arora is recipient of Fulbright Professional Fellowship in Library and Information Science (1997- 98), SIS Fellow (1999). Dr. Arora was the Principal Investigator for several projects sponsored by agencies like AICTE, Deptt. of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Information Technology (MIT), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), etc. He was a member of the delegation that visited selected libraries and library science schools in Germany in 2002. He was a member of the delegation to Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand deputed by the Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Science and Technology to discuss development of INDO-ASEAN S & T Digital Library in November 2003 and May 2007 respectively. Dr Arora was a member of the International Library Advisory Boards of IEEE, IEE, OUP and CUP.


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