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ICT in Teachng and Learning

In this era of Knowledge-based society, technical education has assumed an indisputably significant role. The new developments in information technologies have opened-up fresh prospective in teaching and learning. There is now widespread recognition that the way forward is to make greater use of ICT. These ICT enabled methods helps the teachers to offer quality e-content; both - education in classroom situation and to a large number of population in a structured, flexible, interactive, blended and open way.

In this course you will learn FIVE-important aspects concerning use of ICT in Teaching and Learning. The first and foremost , in this information age you will learn about the emerging trends in education, benefits and change in the role of teachers as etutors in using ICT for Teaching and Learning. And various issues, challenges, education policies, economic and infrastructural aspects of using  ICT in formal Teaching and Learning.  You will also learn about the use of ICT as classroom technology for information presentation through overhead and LCD projector, Television, electronic board etc. And use of ICT for related administrative tasks of TL process such as record keeping, lesson plan development, information presentation and basic information search on Internet. The second important aspect is the way you will integrate ICT into your learning system. You will identify various learner-centered learning mode such as Individualized, Project type, collaborative, blended and flipped learning, mobile learning, small scale and Large scale learning. The third important aspect is to integrate appropriate pedagogy of ICT into Teaching-Learning Process in various learner-centered learning modes and Identify various state of art technologies that allows easy access to econtents and etutors. The fourth important aspect is to identify the emerging trends in Learning Management System (LMS) platforms for implementation of Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in technology enabled learning. The last but not the least important aspect is to address the ethical Issues- intellectual property rights or copyright handling issues, legal, security and other issues related to ICT enabled teaching and learning.


The Learning Outcome of this course on ‘ICT in Teaching and Learning’ is to enable you to use Information Communication Technology (ICT) based tools, open educational econtent repositories and integrate appropriate pedagogy enabled ICT into  your Teaching- Learning Process keeping ethical issues in mind. This course is aimed at building capacity of aspiring teachers and in-service teachers like you, for transforming the educational culture and teaching-learning system of Institution. This course will requires 40 hours of learning efforts from learners.

In this course we would use variety of e-Learning components such as video lectures, presentations,  self-instructional materials such as ebooks, reference materials, research papers etc.  You can interact with tutors through discussion forum; raising your doubts and clarifying them. The Assessment is integral part of the course to ensure that learning take place, which could be in the form of Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the blanks, Short Answer Questions, Long Answer Questions, Quizzes, Assignments and solutions.

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K James Mathai

Dr. K.James Mathai is currently working as Associate Professor in National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Bhopal. He is having 34 years of experience which includes education, training, research, consultancy and computing activities. He has published 37 research papers in refereed National and International level journals, Conferences and seminar in the area of Computer Applications, ICT based Education and Training, Educational Technology etc. He has contributed to leading consultancy projects for producing multimedia instructional materials, producing studio based video lectures of undergraduate programmes for satellite based education of MP BOJ Open University, Bhopal. He has been involved in establishing and Managing Learning Management Systems (LMS), Webcast Studio, developed ICT-Based Blended/Online Programmes for technical teachers and AVIEW based Distance Learning Programmes (DGET, New Delhi); facilitating training to ITI teachers through webcast lectures. He has also produced three Instructional Video Produced on web based training. Prof. K.James Mathai, have specialization the area of ICT based Education and Training.


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