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Course in Information Technology

By Bageshree Deo   |   Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
This Certificate Course of Information Technology consists of 30 modules having 3 credits. The terms "Information Technology" and "IT" are invariably used in all areas like business, government offices, banks, educational institutes etc. Today, we are heading towards ‘Digital India’. Most of us are using smartphone, I-pad or a laptop. It provides us all the facilities required for our day to day transactions. The smart phone is nothing but, a Digital device. Let us be a part of it and understand its meaning. Computer is the commonly used digital device for transferring digital data. This course starts from Basics of Computer to the recent technology of Cloud Computing.

This course is taught through:
1) Audio and Video lectures
2) Website Links are given by the course experts.
3) Reference books are suggested by course experts.
Students will be provided with a weekly schedule. After completion of every module, students will be assessed through MCQs, and certain Assignments. After completion of the whole course, students must clear the final exam to be entitled for the Certificate.

Learners enrolled: 4380


Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Core
Duration : 8 weeks
Start Date : 20 Jan 2020
End Date : 15 Mar 2020
Exam Date : 10 May 2020
Enrollment Ends : 08 Mar 2020
Category :
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Level : Undergraduate


    Week 1 : Basics of IT
    Week 2 : MS - Office
    Week 3 : MS - Office
    Week 4 : Networking
    Week 5 : Internet
    Week 6 : Database Management System
    Week 7 : System Basics
    Week 8 : Cloud Computing


    1. Computer Fundamentals by P.K.  Sinha, Priti Sinha.
    2. Operating System Concepts by Silberschatz, Galvin,Gagne
    3. Computer networks “Andrew s. Tanenbaum”, 5th Edition Pearson Education, 2010.
    4. E-commerce by C.S.V Murthy
    5. System Analysis and Design by Parthsarthy, Awad
    6. Steve McConnell Code Complete by A Practical Handbook of Software Construction.

    http://beginnersbook.com/2015/04/dbms-introduction/ Studtech videos


    Bageshree Deo

    Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
    1. Mrs. Bageshree Deo is a Postgraduate in Computer Management and Computer Application.
    2. Currently working as BBA(CA), BBA, BBA(IB) faculty at Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune.
    3. Recorded the educational lectures of EMMRC (Educational Multimedia Research Center) at Savitribai Phule Pune University.
    4. Co-ordinating the MOOC lectures of MHRD, Government of India.
    5. Presented a paper titled ‘E-Governance and E-Commerce’ at the International Conference on “Internationalisation of Commerce and Management Education” at BMCC
    6. Presented a paper titled “Data Mining and Data Warehousing“ at the National Level Conference on Advancements in IT and
    Management at MIT, Alandi Pune
    7. Presented a paper titled “Cyber Security” at the National Level Seminar at the Arihant College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Pune.
    8. Presented a paper titled “Technology Management for Business Enhancement” at the International Research Conference at
    Kohinoor Business School and Center for Management Research, Khandala


    30% of Course Assessment and 70% of End - Term Proctored Exam