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Fundamentals of Business and Accounting for Managers

By Dr. Pradeep P. Prajapati   |   Department of Economics, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad,
Out of the total activities of the firm, It focuses upon the introduction to concept of Financial accounting, cost accounting and management accounting. It gives all basic accounting concepts, conventions and fundamentals of financial accounting standards. It deals with double entry Book keeping system. It includes the fundamentals and process of preparation of trial balance, profit and loss account and balance sheet. It includes fundamentals cost and management accounting. This unit gives you basic elements of cost and cost determination. It gives emphasis on cost management, cost sheet, cost behaviour and the concepts of absorption and marginal costing. It is all about financial analysis. It involve analysis and interpretation of financial statements and techniques of financial analysis, ratio analysis and cash flow analysis. It focuses upon budget and budgetary control, cost volume profit analysis and its applications. It also involves alternative choice decision making process like make or buy decisions, shut down decisions, product mix decisions, replacement decisions and so on. 
Objectives of the course (100 words):
At the end of the course, the students shall be able to:
To learn the fundamentals of accounting for managers.
To understand fundamentals like accounting concepts, branches of accounting, nature of accounting, accounting standards.
To prepare and analyze financial statements.
To learn financial planning & control and major financial decisions.
To understand and choose alternative choice decision making process.  

Eligibility for enrollment (25 words):Those who have passed students 10 + 2 with any  subject specializations 

Course prerequisite, intended audience and reading materials 
Prerequisite for admission in these courses will be 10 + 2 with any subject specializations 
Intended for any interested students of any background who want to learn marketing fundamentals.  
Reading materials References and web links provided in 3rd quadrant in all lectures  

Learning outcomes: 
At the end of the course students will be able to understand the accounting fundamentals like accounting concepts, branches of accounting, nature of accounting, accounting standards, Preparation of financial statements, cost and management accounting fundamentals, financial analysis, planning and control. 

Learners enrolled: 916


Course Status : Ongoing
Course Type : Core
Duration : 12 weeks
Start Date : 06 Jan 2020
End Date : 16 Mar 2020
Exam Date : 09 May 2020
Enrollment Ends : 08 Mar 2020
Category :
  • Management Studies
  • Level : Undergraduate


    Unit– 1:

    Lecture 1:Introduction to Business

    Lecture 2: Innovation and Creativity In Business

    Lecture 3 :Introduction to Financial Accounting

    Lecture -4: Accounting Process

    Unit – 2

    Lecture -5: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Standards

    Lecture -6:  Final Accounts with Adjustments

    Lecture- 7 :Sources of Finance

    Unit – 3

    Lecture – 9 : Valuation of Inventories

    Lecture – 10  : Fixed Assets Valuation

    Lecture -8 :Depreciation

    Unit – 4:

    Lecture- 11 : Lease Financing

    Lecture -12 : Mergers and Acquisitions

    Lecture -13 : Introduction to Cost Concept for Decision Making

    Lecture -14 : Costing Behavior and Cost Techniques

    Unit - 5

    Lecture – 15 : Introduction to Corporate Accounts

    Lecture -16 : Financial Analysis Unit - 5

    Lecture- 17 : Budgetary Control and CVP Analysis 

    Lecture -18 : Managerial Decisions Under Marginal Costing



    Dr. Pradeep P. Prajapati

    Department of Economics, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad,
    Dr. Pradeep P. Prajapati (PI)
    Dr.PradeepPrajapati is a Professor of Economics at Department of Economics, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, having teaching experience of almost 30 years at UG and PG level including research supervisor in M.Phil and Ph.D.   His specialization is in the subject of Mathematical Economics and Econometric Methods. He is also Dean of Arts Faculty, Member of University Court (Senate) and Member of Academic Council at Gujarat University. He has published almost 40 research papers and articles on the subjects of economics on varieties of themes in various state level, national level and international journals.